2020 marks a new chapter for the Croft Group

Maintaining our high spirit and proud reputation is of the upmost importance for the croft group. ‘Croft Pods’ is our newest conquest in precision design, quality construction and customer care. We design and construct your seamless ‘Croft pod’ to adhere to your personal needs; from home offices, garden studios, home cinemas or a home gym. Whatever your need – trust Crofts.

Crofts roots have been imbedded in the foundations of Lancashire and the North West of England since 1874, but our attitudes towards building design are very much pointing in the direction of the industry’s current ‘wants and needs’.

Your bespoke Croft Pod will be prefabricated next door to our Preston office; thus allowing us to keep an eye on its development and will finally be assembled on site. At Croft Pods, we value your local environment and the surrounding area, and as such, we have put an emphasis on keeping our carbon footprint and impact on your home to a minimum. Our environmentally aware design starts with the abundance of recycled materials, from the composite cladding made from 60% recycled materials, our unique ‘sedum roof’ design feature which reduces the visual impact of your Croft Pod through the seamless blending of your Pods with their surrounding environment; or the finest ‘Croft’ double glazed units that ensure the durability and performance is second to none.

Croft Pods have our own enthusiastic fitting teams that have years of construction experience as well as our in-house chartered designers, all working in tandem, bound together by British craftsmanship.

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